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Eagle Soft Technologies LLC

Eagle Soft Technologies offers smarter IT solutions for business management with state of the art technologies and technical support.

With more than 20 years of expertises in the field of information technology, we develop a platform and solutions that models and manages your whole business, where automation is maximised and administrative overhead is largely eliminated. In other words, we help your business run in perfect harmony.

About us



To be the leading IT company with fully delighted customers.



To provide the best solutions to our valued customers with the state of the art technologies integrated with effective,efficient and excellent services.

Our vision



Software Developments

We develop software according to the requirements and needs of your business. So your business will run smoothly and happily

Mobile App Developments

We can't avoid mobile devices from our life now. We develop excellent and beautiful mobile applications for your requirements and business needs. It will help you to control and analyse your business at any time using your mobile.

Web Application Developments

Nowadays web application is getting more importance in our business. We develop web applications according to your needs to control your business from anywhere in the world.

Cyber Security Auditing

We are always under threats by a lot of hackers and crackers all over the world. So we have to protect our precious data from hacking and stolen. We help to audit your security in all aspects

Data Recovery

Data loss and damage will lead your business into a tragedy. So we are here to recover your lost data as possible as with great speed.

Web Security Testing

With the continuous technology innovation, Data security has become extremely critical in the industry.



Jewellery Management Software

Supermarket Management Software

Restaurant Management Software

Textile Management Softwares

Optical Shop Management Software

Cargo Shipment Management Softwares

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